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Agent Thomas (TJ) Underwood


With the Home Buying Season in full swing thought that a helpful page that could help you prepare your home for the current market was in order.


In the end you must always remember that the right price, curb appeal, how your home smells along with what you (or your real estate agent) say about your home is critical if you desire to sell your home in a timely manner.




By pricing your home right–right from the start you help get your home sold faster and in a way that is more beneficial for all parties concerned.


It is important that you realize that the final listing (the price that you decide to sell with a real estate agent on the listing agreement) and selling price is your choice in the end.


However, if you decide to list too high—some real estate agents won’t take your listing because they know that the price is unrealistic and they know that an over-priced listing will have a negative effect on their reputation/brand and more importantly will not get you the sale that you desire.



It is important that you realize that the exterior of your home determines if many potential home buyers will even want to enter your home, therefore it is important that your exterior is in the best position possible because potential buyers form an opinion of the value of your home based on the exterior.


If the exterior is not up to par in a potential home buyers mindthey will feel that the inside has been neglected even if it appears that there has been no neglect.


The curb appeal of your home is the first impression that a home buyer gets and it is important that the first impression is a positive one.  Many real estate agents often preview a home prior to showing the home and in some cases just a drive by is donebecause they realize that if the curb appeal does not meet the standards of their buyer they won’t even enter the house.



The hard reality is that the smell of your home plays a larger role in successfully selling your home than most home sellers realize.  The “sense of smell” is very important to almost all buyers as it is a sense that goes to the brain immediately and affects the brain immediately (creates a positive or negative experience) in most potential home buyers mind.


Use one of the following scents to help neutralize odors in your home.  Multiple combinations don’t seem to work as well as just one scent based on experience that Realty 1 Strategic Advisors has had over the years while assisting home sellers.


Cinnamon or Cedar




Extract of Pine or Basil


Prior to putting your home on the market for sale be sure to:


  • Wash all bed covers and wash or dry-clean drapes


  • Clean windows and blinds thoroughly–replace if necessary


  • Clean bath and kitchen areas thoroughly–including sinks, tubs and trash compactors


  • Have the carpet and ventilation system cleaned or, if necessary, replaced


  • Mop hard-surface floors with a lightly scented or unscented cleaner mentioned above


  • Scrub the bathrooms top to bottom, again being careful to use lightly scented cleaners or to allow time for the room to air out prior to putting your home on the market


  • Store old shoes in plastic boxes with lids and store other items in storage if clutter is an issue in the presentation of your home to potential home buyers


  • Wash pet and pet bedding thoroughly


  • If possible, move pet items and litter boxes to a garage or other area that is away from the main living areas


  • Clean walls, baseboards and ceilings–paint if necessary but allow house to air out the paint smell prior to putting your home on the market


  • Clean ceiling fans, chandeliers and lighting fixtures



When you are trying to sell your home for the best price in the least amount of time you want to create an atmosphere that says to the potential buyer upon entry that the scent in the home is familiar but not too overbearing.


When preparing a home for sale, homeowners (you if you desire to sell at this time at the best price possible) need to remove or clean the sources of any bad smell – including trash, cooked food, dirty home appliances, clothing and shoes, pets, smoke and mold – even un-cleaned air vents can cause potential home buyers to frown.




By stating that you have a fenced backyard, a split floor plan, a master  bedroom on the main level, a split bedroom or floor plan on the main level, laminate or hardwood flooring, an updated kitchen, a finished basement, a home that is move in ready, a home that has recently had landscape improvements, a home with an open floor concept, a home that is single story with no steps, a home that has a natural daylight environment, a  home that has a kitchen foyer, a home that has stainless steel appliances, a home that has vaulted or high ceilings, and/or any other highly descriptive details that apply to your home that gives a potential home buyer a better mental picture of your home–that will “aid in the showing” and “ultimate selling” of your home in the current market.


Fenced yards, quartz counter-tops, and flooring with natural stone tile is very popular for homes priced 250 thousand dollars and up.  For luxury homes–golf course, gourmet kitchen, acres, two stories, custom built, ceramic tile, formal dining room, large kitchen, granite counter-tops, first floor etcetera are popular buzzwords that help homes sell at a more rapid pace.  However keep in mind that the higher end homes are taking longer to sell in most markets across the United States.


A highly skilled selling agent will help you craft powerful word combinations and phrases that can help you get your home sold faster and at top dollar.




Prior to putting your home on the market AT THE RIGHT PRICE AND CREATING AN INVITING ENVIRONMENT FROM THE OUTSIDE (CURB APPEAL)  take the time to clean out your home in a thorough manner.  If you are not up to the task pay a cleaning company–it could be money well spent as you will normally more than recoup the amount spent when your home is sold.


By cleaning your home thoroughly it will help permanently remove scents in your home that might be of concern to home buyers. 


In addition it is just plain good living to clean your home regularly so that you can avoid stale or undesirable odors that can linger in the air–however if you don’t clean regularly you may not realize that the odors are lingering!  When you decide to use a fragrance–use one that can help neutralize odors without being overbearing.  Furthermore, by cleaning your home on a regular basis you help maintain and/or improve your and your family’s health.


In addition be sure you are aware of environmental concerns both inside and outside of your home!


Always keep in mind that the sense of smell is the “strongest of all of our senses” and it is important that you get this often overlooked area of preparing your home for sale–right.  Don’t run away potential buyers by having a home with a bad odor.  Help ensure that buyers will connect with your home by having the “sense of a bad smell” removed from their list of objections to your home.


Be sure to change the filters in your ventilation, heating or air conditioning system prior to putting your home on the market to help avoid allowing a smell to circulate in your ventilation system. This will not only deter lingering smells throughout your house, but it will help keep those systems working better and longer.


Also, check air vents and wall outlets as an odor source, because there may be a rodent, pest or something else in the wall that might be causing your home to smell.  As an added step make sure your attic is neat and in good order–clean or repair if needed.   In addition take a thorough look at your roof from inside the attic with a high beam flashlight to ensure that there are no water leaks or other obvious damage.


A pre-listing home inspection might also be a worthwhile investment depending on your property and your level of upkeep during your ownership.


Finally, realize that by using powerful word combinations to market your home–you can possibly put yourself ahead of the competition in your market and that could be the decisive edge that you need to get the showing and ultimate sale at  a competitive price that allows you to pursue your other goals that you have after your successful selling of your home.


While you can’t do anything about other homes going on the market for sale this year–“you” can take the steps mentioned in this discussion to help your home sell in a more timely manner–and at top dollar.


All the best to your timely home selling success…



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