Money Creating Activities & Wealth Building

Learn how you can discover new and possibly more rewarding ways of creating wealth in the current economy…


Over the years the creator of has stressed the importance of increasing your income, cutting your expenses—or doing a combination of the two in an effort to get you on a more efficient path toward making your dreams come true.


In this discussion will show you how you can possibly earn more income or cut your expenses if you are one who desire to reach your goals in a more time efficient manner.


By doing so you can begin and/or continue to enjoy life on your terms—not on the terms of creditors and others who may not have your best interest in mind.


  • Ways that you can possibly increase your income…

You can look at additional income from businesses that now flourish in the new economy such as uber, lift, amazon, grubhub and many others that are now on the scene that allow you to earn income based on an “application” and/or your willingness to participate.


You can go to to learn about the history and strength of companies that you may be considering to help increase your income—as they have done the research on a number of “new economy” companies that are now gaining in popularity.


In addition, don’t be afraid to “think outside the box” and pursue other ways of earning income that only your mind can come up with.


In the same manner as the creator of went out and obtained additional skills when the market for home buying and home selling was changing (A+, Network+ and Security+ Certifications) so too must you be motivated to gain additional skills that will allow you to prosper in your future.


Fortunately the housing market rebounded and the creator of did not have to use the credentials to directly earn income–however, valuable knowledge was obtained that has been applied on a consistent basis that has allowed the creator of to achieve at a higher level of excellence in all areas—including the housing market.


  • Ways that you can possibly cut your expenses…

You can cut your expenses by analyzing your inflow and outflow of cash on a monthly and annual basis.


You also want to know where you stand at this time from a balance sheet, income statement and net worth point of view.


Can you pay less for cable, internet, phone, utilities, insurance, education, food, clothing etc. and come up with more income?


Can you add a roommate or other family member to help reduce or eliminate certain expenses?


You must analyze—ask and come up with answers to these—and other pressing questions so that you can move forward—not backward!


  • Ways that you can do a combination of the two…

You can possibly increase your income and cut your expenses by getting others (roommate, sibling, family and friends and others) to help in the increasing of your household income and/or the reduction of your expenses on a monthly and annual basis.


You are the one who is uniquely familiar with your current financial position and money management personality and it is you who must find new ways to increase your income or cut your expenses so that you can reach or exceed your goals.




You must ask and answer “why” you want to increase your income and/or decrease your expenses!


It is the motivational level that resides inside of you that is the real key to creating the future that you desire.


You have what it takes inside to pay off or pay down your debt if you are highly motivated and you want to pay off or pay down your debt for the right reasons.


You must gain the “mental working knowledge” that is needed at this time that will allow you to achieve at your highest level.


You must realize that talk is talk, but what are you doing as far as action that will help manifest what you desire to occur so that you can be of benefit to others.


Whose life are you improving—who is there for you?


What are you doing at this time to make your dreams come true?


If you have struggled financially in your past or you are presently approaching your future with disdain–you can now look at what lies ahead from a success vantage point–and avoid the rain!


Now is the time that you find your path to success and put together “money creating activities” at a level that is your absolute best!


All the best toward your money creating activities and future success…



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