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TFA FINANCIAL PLANNING                             770-719-4550

77 PRESTWICK LANE                                          email:

PEACHTREE CITY, GA 30269                           toll-free FAX: 866-577-7927


TFA FINANCIAL PLANNING                             404-952-9284

2940 W. Stubbs Rd.                                              email:

ATLANTA, GA 30349                                           toll-free FAX: 866-577-7927


Thomas (TJ) Underwood             Owner

IRS registered tax professional




Professional Tax Preparation (over 30 years experience)* Financial Education * Comprehensive Financial Planning * Budget & Cash Flow Analysis & Planning * Year Round Tax Planning * Real Estate Planning * Mobile Pick-Up and Drop Off Service Available in Metro AtlantaElectronic Filing Included in Tax Preparation Fee * No Rapid Refund Filing (only e-file available)


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Tax Articles Created by Thomas (TJ) Underwood:


Tax Archives

Qualified Business Income & Taxation

Hot Tax Topics & Wealth Building

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Retirement & Tax Ramifications

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Understanding the Tax Brackets in the New Tax Cuts & Job Act Legislation

Understanding the New Tax Law

Tax Basics

Compounding & Wealth Building

Homeowner Tax Breaks & Strategies

Income & Taxation

IRA’s & Taxation

Health Savings Accounts

Taxes & Personal Finance

Investing for Retirement in a Tax-Efficient Manner

Tax Benefits of Home Ownership

Tax Planning & Home Ownership

2013 Tax News

Financial Ratios & Wealth Building

Tax Shelters & How Your Can Benefit


Internal Revenue Service:

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