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If you are new to investing or you desire to re-evaluate your current portfolio and find ways that you can invest more effectively you can do so with the right approach.


In this discussion will provide information to assist those who are new to investing or those who desire to invest more effectively, 5 ways or 5 steps that can lead to more investment success.  It is important that you invest in your future in a manner that is more favorable  for your success.  You must at this time show the desire and determination–and you must be willing to give it your best–as you build wealth and improve your financial health.


It is important that you have D R I V E on the inside as you prepare for investing in your and your family’s future and this discussion is designed to assist you as you drive in the direction where success lives as you pursue investing at a higher level of commitment.


You must have the drive to reach your investment goals and the following five factors that you have the opportunity to learn on the front end (prior to your investment journey) can help you achieve more throughout your lifetime.


D iversify or Spread Out Your Investments

R eBalance so Your Investments are Allocated Appropriately

I nvestment Risk Analysis Must be Performed

V alue the Usage of Leverage

E ase into Investing


D iversify or Spread Out Your Investments


It is important that you have investments in a number of sectors or asset classes such as stocks and bonds.  Other more exotic investment choices (gold, cryptocurrency, forex, REIT’s etcetera) should be considered only after you have workable and practical understanding and application of the basics in real world investments.


Always remember that stocks are generally for growth and bonds are generally for preservation of capital!


Your challenge is to create a portfolio that has a mix so that one stock won’t overwhelm or have an unwanted effect on your portfolio.  A portfolio of 15 stocks are better than a portfolio of five as you can spread the risk more assuming they are invested in different industries.


Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, and other grouping of stocks and bonds by a third party may also be worth consideration if you are new to investing as it allows you to use dollar cost averaging and other relatively painless measures (from a financial standpoint) to ease into investing while you continue to learn about investments and how you can utilize them more effectively in your financial future.


R eBalance so Your Investments are Allocated Appropriately


Did you know that the growth of your portfolio is a good thing, however it will require that you re-balance your portfolio occasionally?


Even losses from your investments can create the need for you to re-balance your portfolio!


Market activity will determine how frequent you should re-balance, however a good rule of thumb is to analyze at least annually and re-balance if necessary to bring your allocations in line with your prior allocations or your current risk tolerance level and future goals.


I nvestment Risk Analysis Must be Performed


You must align your risk tolerance level with your intended goals whether it be a down-payment on your new home, retirement, education funding, a dream trip or anything else.


It is important that you realize that investments allow you the opportunity to make money—and lose money!


Your time horizon and risk tolerance must be analyzed appropriately and you must prepare properly for a successful investing career by having an appropriate emergency fund and an understanding of where you are currently at in your life stage.


V alue the Usage of Leverage


You can possibly use leverage to increase your potential investment returns.


You can use leveraged ETF’s, futures contracts and margin loans to amp up your returns—but they are also riskier than using your own money to invest!


You must value the use of leverage by knowing that it can be dangerous for the novice investor and you must learn all about leverage prior to your leveraged investment activity.  By using leverage appropriately and learning how to properly utilize leverage in the best way possible based on your unique financial position, you can possibly avoid the pitfalls that have affected many in a negative way.


E ase into Investing


If you are new to investing or you desire to invest more effectively, it is important that you are relaxed and don’t rush into it.  You may want to start with dollar cost averaging, mutual funds or contributing to your retirement plan at work or start a traditional or ROTH IRA making consistent contributions.


You may also be eligible for a “saver’s credit” that can help you at tax time (and provide an additional investment incentive) if you meet certain income thresholds!


If your employer offers a retirement plan and there is a “match” provision, be especially alert and plan to contribute up to the match at a minimum as by doing so it can lead to you reaching your goals more efficiently!


Always be aware of the effects of investing inside and outside of your retirement accounts as the approach that you take with the selection can work for or against you and your ultimate goals.


You can learn investment success principles along the way and make adjustments to your investment activity as you learn more.




It is important that you know the importance of your need to:


D iversify or Spread Out Your Investments

     R eBalance so Your Investments are Allocated Appropriately

          I nvestment Risk Analysis Must be Performed

               V alue the Usage of Leverage

                     E ase into Investing


With the advent and progression of technology (fintech) you now have access to robo and micro advisors, easier access to the markets, lower trading costs, access to fractional share purchase at some brokerage houses and you can now invest in a more convenient way from many of your electronic devices.


In a real sense you can now DRIVE toward the investment success that you desire in a more convenient way–starting today!


Even so, you must still have an awareness of “investment fundamentals” so that you can diversify appropriately based on your risk tolerance and goals, re-balance and manage investment risk on a consistent basis, use leverage wisely and ease into investing in a relaxed manner as you build your net worth more efficiently.


There is no need to panic as you can invest and learn along the way and more effectively manage the turbulence in your life from day to day.


All the best as you drive with more acceleration toward lasting investment success…


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