Deception & Wealth Building


Learn why you must avoid “deception” as you build wealth…


It is important that you are on guard for deceptive or misleading information as you manage your finances and build wealth.


Whether you get your information online, in magazines and newspapers, over the air such as radio and TV or any other way you must be aware at all times that the information that you may be hearing may not serve your best interests.


It is not uncommon for your favorite athlete, entertainer or other popular personality to promote products and services with the end goal of getting you to act in a desired manner.


In many cases what they are promoting may actually work against your financial and wealth building growth and you may not be aware of that fact—or become aware at a later point where it becomes difficult or impossible to resolve in your favor.


It is important that you become aware of deceptive actions (or the potential for you to engage in deceptive actions due to the action of others) on the part of others as you build wealth–as that awareness is critical in the times that we now live in.


In this discussion will explore ways that you can avoid letting the deceptive or misleading actions of others negatively affect your wealth building efforts.


1)   You must read, listen and understand what is really being said (and not said) regardless of who says it


It is not uncommon for many to hear their favorite radio personality, actor or actress, athlete and other entertainer(s) promote financial products and services.


Many businesses that you deal with throughout your lifetime will also promote products and services that may appear to meet a need in your life or serve a need in a manner that appears beneficial to you.


In some cases what is being promoted may actually work against your best interest and that of your family’s and this discussion is designed to help put you in a more favorable position to guard against the misleading and deceptive actions of others regardless of what they are and who they come from.


2)   You must not let the deception of others cause you to take the wrong action


What you are hearing works against you and can cause you to take the wrong action when it is presented in a misleading or inaccurate way.


For example, if you now have excellent credit and you currently pay 14.99% in credit card interest and have a balance of $4,000 and you hear a promotion by your favorite radio personality to combine your debt and pay 4.99% in interest and save hundreds in interest.


Let’s say you took that advice and did what your favorite radio personality suggested.  On the surface it looks good and you will save in interest.  However, you may have had better options and you didn’t even know it.


Depending on your income, emergency fund balance, current credit profile, your discretionary income and a few other factors you may be able to pay that debt off at 0% interest for 18 months (credit card transfer fee may be involved) and in 3 years you could have that debt paid off at a lower overall cost than agreeing to the 4.99% offer.


The point is you could save more in interest and possibly pay the debt off faster and in a more convenient manner by doing so—but even if you listened carefully—what was not said was the key point especially if you are unaware of your ability to pay 0% interest on the credit card debt that you owe based on your credit and market conditions.


In addition, you also have other options or payoff methods that you could pursue outside of both of the options presented above that may be more beneficial for you and your family depending on where you desire to go (goals) in your future.


3)   You must plan proactively to reduce the likelihood that deception will be used against you throughout your lifetime


The above example of having your credit card payments reduced from 14.99% to 4.99% where you could have possibly done even better, and many other scenarios that you will or may face in the world of finance—can be reduced, made less relevant or avoided by you if you gain the right knowledge and preparation on the front end—not after you make mistakes.


If you have the right knowledge at the right time (before you enter into a transaction) you can put yourself in better position to make favorable outcomes happen for you and your family.


Don’t be misled by emotionally charged commercials and letting those who you are “big fans of” misdirect or mislead you on the financial affairs that will happen during your lifetime.  You no longer have to be intimidated by high pressure or low pressure sales pitches–unless you choose to–as you can put yourself in position where you are in control of your financial future.


It is important that you get out in front of your finances at this time by analyzing your finances at this time in an intelligent, consistent and proactive manner so that you can achieve more.




In many cases it is what is not said that is most critical when you hear ads and other promotions.  You must always analyze what you are hearing in the most analytical, careful, accurate, and critical manner possible to protect against your and your family’s financial interests.


On financial documents if what is said is unclear or you see the potential for confusion—write in what you are asking for and make it a part of the contract—so there is no confusion about what happens later and who is responsible.


If you purchase a used car and buy a warranty for 100,000 miles and the vehicle has 40,000 miles at the time of purchase—“write in” on the warranty document “warranty to last until vehicle reaches 140,000 miles” to protect your future interests.


The creator of had a similar experience with Atlanta Luxury Motors as what the sales manager in the finance center stated in uncertain terms and what was actually enforceable by the warranty company varied (when they were called stated warranty was for 100,000 miles period) and as a purchaser you had no way of knowing because the box checked for the warranty period could be interpreted a number of ways.


Atlanta Luxury Motors (ALM) did not resolve this discrepancy satisfactorily and The creator of will not be purchasing a vehicle from them again.


Be particularly aware of debt payoff and consolidation companies, payday lending companies, title pawn companies, high fee banking and investment institutions, mortgage lenders, auto lenders and credit card issuers as they can have a negative effect on your wealth building efforts if you are not careful.


In almost all cases there will be consequences as a result of your action or inaction as you navigate through life and encounter financial dilemnas!   Now is the time that you make favorable outcomes happen in your life as you build wealth.


It is also important that you operate on a daily basis with high standards by gaining the financial knowledge that you need proactively!  You must also demand high standards from those that you do business with–whether it be or any other transaction that you may make during your lifetime.


You must be able to see your financial future clearly and you must know the areas that you must address in a comprehensive manner so that you” know what lies ahead at the various points in your life.


By doing so you put yourself in a better position to avoid deception and financial strife–throughout your life.


All the best as you avoid deception and build wealth…

All the best as you improve your financial health…


Success is now…


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