Foundation & Wealth Building

Learn why a “strong financial foundation” lies at t he center of your future wealth building success…


It is important that you realize that a strong financial foundation is what you need at this time if you are to succeed and build wealth in a more appropriate manner throughout your lifetime.


It is important that you live for the future in a manner where worry, anxiety, fear, frustration, lack of effort and excuses play no meaningful role in your forward movement.


If you now lack a strong financial foundation it is important that you “at this time” make a real commitment to have a very strong foundation as you pursue your wealth building efforts as that foundation will set you apart from those who struggle daily in the management of their finances.


In a similar manner as a weak foundation in the building of the San Francisco  Millennium Tower made what appeared to be a beautiful creation on the inside and outside—but the foundation was faulty—so too must you be aware of the foundation that you lay as you build wealth.


If you do not possess what it takes on the inside to build a foundation that cannot be shaken you are selling yourself and your family short when it comes to building lasting wealth.


Even though it may appear to you at this time that you possess what is necessary and you are headed on an upward trajectory—you must take steps at this time to ensure that you will achieve at your highest level of excellence—and it all starts with a strong foundation.


In this discussion will show you in emphatic terms why a strong financial foundation is not only the key to your success, but will provide you the impetus to achieve at a level that allows you to pursue your financial goals in a manner where you will give it your absolute best!


Step 1


Determine your level of financial knowledge and financial preparation that you have at this time…


You must analyze where you now are with your financial level of understanding and you must use that knowledge as a guide to let you know that more work is required of you—if you truly desire to make your dreams come true.


You must know your areas of strength and know your money management personality so that you can take a more introspective (look deep inside your mind, heart and soul) approach as you move toward the goals that are most important to you—whether they be financial or otherwise!


Step 2


Determine if you have what it takes on the inside to achieve optimally…


You must realize that those who purchased at the San Francisco Millennium Tower thought that they had what it took on the inside and outside to achieve financially and enjoy a beautiful dwelling.


However, they did not properly analyze the foundation of the building and in some cases it cost them possibly  thousands of dollars (or even more) by being in an adverse position–when it really didn’t have to be that way.


When it comes to your financial foundation you must know what is the appropriate knowledge that you must know that will allow you to achieve results that will show!


If you fail to do a careful, critical, analytical and accurate assessment of where you truly stand at this time as far as your finances are concerned—you are demonstrating an unwillingness to confront your finances and the foundation that you desire to start or that you have already started as it relates to your wealth building will-possibly look good to you on the inside and outside (your heart and mind may feel that you are doing great) but the generational wealth building success that you need or want to achieve may be lacking.


Step 3


Know that a faulty foundation will send you backward or at best keep you where you are now at…


Even if you have what it takes on the inside (have fire and desire inside your heart and mind) to successfully achieve at what appears to be a high level—you can do far more on a daily basis if you start off with a strong credit and financial foundation.


You can get momentum rolling and turn your current position into one of lasting success if you acquire the right knowledge and you apply that knowledge in a manner that works with your mind and propels you toward the future goals that you desire.


You possess inside the “ability to choose” a new and more rewarding way to achieve wealth building success today.




The mere fact that everything looks good from the outside (or even the inside) does not mean that all is well!


You must approach your financial future with a “comprehensive perspective” and you must know that major success lies ahead if you analyze the soil and properly turn the gravel (know where you now stand and sincerely look for real ways to achieve more).


You don’t have to approach your future in a fearful or cautious manner if you make the decision at this time to build a foundation that cannot be shaken!


All the best toward your future success based on the decision that you are now making that will allow you to achieve at your absolute best…



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