Money Management 202 & Wealth Building

Learn if you know your money management personality and how you can build wealth more efficiently…


In the current economy many are facing difficult challenges as rising costs and insufficient income has caused undue hardship in the lives of many who are trying to manage their finances and stay above water.


Whether you manage your money and finances effectively or ineffectively, it is important that you know “how you manage your money” and ways that you can possibly do your money management in a more advantageous way for you and your family.


In this discussion will discuss in clear terms how you can use “effective money management” to build upon your current money management skills so that you can achieve more throughout your lifetime.


Ask the right questions so that you know how you manage your money

Do you spend more or less than you take in on a weekly, monthly or annual basis or do you even have a clue?  Do you have funds properly set aside for unseen emergencies such as your washer or dryer going out, HVAC issues, car breakdowns and other emergencies, or do you lack the understanding of “why” you even need an emergency fund?


If you are a homeowner, do you have appropriate insurance coverage?  If you were to sell your home right now how much cash would you walk away with?


Do you know the interest rate(s) that you are paying on your credit card(s), auto loan(s) and mortgage loan(s)?  Are you now in position to invest in a wise manner or do you invest in a random manner?


When you file your income taxes on an annual basis is the amount of the refund or the amount you owe a surprise to you–or is it about what you expected?  Are you aware of rising educational costs and how they affect you and your family?


If you were to unexpectedly transition, do you know how large or small the insurance payment will be to your loved ones–and whether your loved ones would quibble over the proceeds?


When you start receiving your social security, pension and other retirement income, do you know what the payment will–or needs to be on an annual basis that would allow you to live at your current level–or better?  If you have retirement savings, do you know what percentage is in stocks, bonds, real estate, cash etcetera?


Do you know your net-worth and do you know that your self-worth is far more important than your net worth–as you build upon your wealth?


Learn ways that you can manage your money better

Regardless of how you answered the above questions, it is important that you at least had the determination to ask them and answer them with a high level of sincerity and realness!  By doing so you open up your mind to new possibilities and new ways of managing your finances that are more effective than what you are currently doing.


By learning how you can create a personal budget or cash flow statement, create a personal income statement and create a personal balance sheet, you can determine and know your net worth at this time–and ways that you can manage your money better in your future.


By asking the right questions about how you can manage your credit better you can learn how to use the improved perspective of your credit understanding to manage your credit better in all areas of your credit management!


By asking the question of “how can I manage my finances more effectively in a comprehensive manner” you can open up your mind to learning new ways of managing your finances in a comprehensive and all-encompassing manner so that you can achieve more throughout your lifetime.


Build wealth in a consistent and highly effective manner

It is important that you realize that effective money management is a process and occurs over time by those who operate in a consistent manner by addressing their overall finances at a level that is their absolute best.


You must be willing to leave excuses behind and put in the required effort over time if you desire to achieve meaningful results.


Most importantly you must know what you need to address and learn better ways to address what needs to be addressed in the most efficient and effective manner possible–based on your financial capacity and motivational level!


Your consistency in action over time and addressing key areas of your finances in a manner that is unique to your particular situation will help ensure that you are effective in reaching the goals that you aim to reach.





Managing your money effectively in today’s economy can be done by you if you have the commitment to ask the right questions so that you can determine where you now stand, make improvements where you can, know what you need to avoid–and learn EFFECTIVE MONEY MANAGEMENT SKILLS that you can use throughout your lifetime.


It all starts by you looking within to determine your level of commitment to truly analyze and ask the right questions upfront so that you can get the right answers and put into practice effective money management strategies that will get you the desired results–or the results that you need to achieve to make your life more meaningful and significant while you are here on planet earth.


Although you don’t have to have mastery over every financial concern imaginable, you do need to have a comprehensive overview of your finances and a feel for your financial future that exudes success–as that is a requirement in today’s society for those who desire to achieve at a high level.


All the best to your new level of “money management” success…


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