Defining Moments & Wealth Building

Learn why “defining moments” are the time to dig in if you desire to achieve your credit and financial goals efficiently…


It is important in the times that we now live in that you re-focus on what is important.


With 2020 being a “defining moment” in the lives of many—including the creator of—it is important that you put the right plan in place to move forward toward your dreams.


With COVID-19 running rampant in many parts of the world it is important that you put together a plan so that you can not only survive–but prosper and thrive.


At this time (a defining moment) the creator of decided that fall 2020 was the time to put forth empowering action steps that you can take right nowso that you along with others who desire credit and finance success throughout their life would be able to do so in as effective a manner as possible.


As you move along in life and face adversity there will be occasions when you are forced to look deep within to determine a better path to take in your life.  That inward look could be the defining moment that provides you the inspiration and strength to move forward at a level that is your absolute best.


Your decision at this time to go after what you want to occur most could be the defining moment in your life that puts you in position to focus in on your dreams and achieve what you desire to occur most in your life.


You should not live daily with the feeling or thoughts that what you desire in your future won’t work out.  Your decision to take a more serious approach and to start now–could be the defining moment in your life where you can put the steps in place and put an effective plan in place that works in your favor as opposed to going about life in a way that is uncertain!


You can achieve more and leave a legacy for your family and loved ones.


The defining moment that you are facing can make you or break you depending on how you respond.


You must get out of the habit of making decisions based on the short term and look further down the horizon so that you can achieve more.


What you do after you make a mistake speaks volumes and what you do after you achieve success also speaks volumes!


Even though you may be short sighted in your thinking at this time, the following steps can get you started fast on achieving long-term success and could be the defining moment in your life where you decide to  leave all excuses behind and pursue what you desire with a new level of zeal.


Step 1

It is important that you define where you are currently at financially.  You can define yourself and not live off of definitions that others assign to you.  By creating a budget or cash flow statement along with other personal finance statements you can get a clear picture of where you are now at so that you can plan better and take action that will lead you to where you need–or desire to be.


Step 2

Your desire to attain “mastery of your credit” at this time could be the defining moment where you gain the knowledge to manage your credit effectively throughout your lifetime.  You deserve the opportunity to manage your credit in a way that serves your best interest and you now have that opportunity.


Step 3

If you desire to define “your future” you must be able to see your finances in a comprehensive or all encompassing manner so that you can achieve more.  You must at this time look at how your insurance, investments, taxes, emergency fund, education planning, estate planning/wills and retirement planning all interact and can help you  achieve more when done properly.



By taking advantage of this moment in time and not letting what may appear to be an unfair situation that has or may occur in your life at a future date deter you or limit your ability to dream big and pursue that big dream–you put yourself in a stronger position for lifelong success.


In the final analysis you possess the power to define your future from this day forward!


By utilizing the steps above at this time or at a later time you are setting yourself and your family up for lasting success.   You no longer have to  look at your finances as a mess and you no longer have to expect  less.


All the best…


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