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As 2018 ends and 2019 begins—many are approaching various areas of their life with a new purpose or focus.


Whether you have a new vision of how you want to pursue your finances, health, fitness or any other goal–you must have a system that will bring into reality that vision.


In this discussion will look at and discuss a number of ways that you can achieve more and build wealth more efficiently in 2019 and beyond.


In order to pursue something new you in many cases must build from something old!


Your past failures and successes can be used to guide or direct your future!  By using your past as a guide you know what to avoid and what to continue doing.


As you build on your past financial successes it is important that you have a mental system that you can carry within your mind that allows you to see your credit and finances in clear terms—and act as a “more focused guide” that allows you to attain or achieve your goals more effectively and more efficiently.


You can use the following 3 approaches to get on a serious path to a “new beginning” in your life that allows you the freedom of thought to see your future in a manner where worry, anxiety, fear, frustration, lack of effort and excuses can be reduced or eliminated in your life.


1)   Utilize Personal Financial Statements Appropriately

It is important that you realize that many people who journey through life have more of a money management issue as opposed to not having enough income that allows them to reach their goals.


If only they had a money management system that made sense to them and that they created and believed in—they could achieve far more.


The use of personal finance statements in the right manner could allow those who fail to manage (or inappropriately manage) their finances just what is missing in their life to turn the tide in their favor and make the goals that they desire or need to attain a real possibility.


Be sure to use a personal cash flow statement (budget) at a minimum to help determine where you now are so that you can start on a new beginning and achieve more.


A monthly cash flow statement could be what is needed to get you to manage your finances more effectively and achieve more in the current economy.


For those of you who would like to achieve even more, be sure to consider creating (or have your financial planner do so on your behalf) a personal income statement to see how your finances look over a period of time—say one year or on an annual basis.


In addition be sure to create a personal balance sheet so that you can have a clear picture of what you own and what you owe—thus providing you a clear picture of your net worth.


By doing some or all of the above you will be on a serious journey or new beginning as it relates to your finances.


2)   Have a Thorough Understanding of Credit & How You Utilize It

Now that you have a clear picture of your monthly income, your monthly liabilities and you now know your net worth—you must put together a debt payoff or debt pay down plan–if you need to address those areas.


Whether you do or don’t have credit liabilities—you must have a practical understanding of credit that allows you to navigate through life in a manner where you are in control—and not creditors.


If you currently have credit card debt or other liabilities that are making your finances difficult to manage—be sure to get a thorough understanding of credit so that you can achieve more throughout your life.


3)   Know All Areas of the Financial Affairs in Your Life that You Must Address

Now that you know your current financial condition and you know how to effectively manage credit—you must now complete the picture by knowing all areas of your finances that you must address.





Emergency Fund

Education Planning

Estate Planning/Wills



You must have a system that allows you to know and address the above critical areas of your finances throughout your life.


However,  just knowing is not appropriate–you must devise a plan to review and make improvements in all areas on a consistent basis!



By addressing the above areas on a consistent basis you will develop the habit of consistency and achieve more throughout your lifetime.


However, wanting to achieve more must be balanced with your willingness and determination to put in the required effort at this time if you are to achieve more by utilizing the steps in this discussion.


There is no hard and fast rule as to the timeline that you should do the above.  However it is important that you develop an action mindset so that you won’t procrastinate from this day forward.


You must realize that there are many paths to financial success.  Most people fail or fall short of reaching their financial goals because they lack a plan—or lack a plan that they can readily comprehend that gives them practical steps that they can take that will get them to their destination.


It is the desire of that this brief discussion has provided you the opportunity to see your “new beginning” in clearer terms and act as a springboard for you to achieve success by providing you a “clearer blueprint” that you can use throughout your lifetime so that you can enjoy life on your terms.


All the best toward your “new beginning”  and long-term success…


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