Enthusiasm & Wealth Building in the COVID-19 ERA

Learn why you must have fire in your heart if you are now ready to start building wealth effectively in a manner that will truly set you apart…


In the current economy with COVID-19 wreaking havoc, rising prices on many goods and services and other happenings at the local and global level it can be difficult for some to rise above the anxiety that could be inside of their mind and heart and move forward in a manner that can truly take them where they need or want to be as far as reaching wealth building goals that will serve a greater purpose in their life.


Even if others don’t want success, you can approach your wealth building efforts with more confidence and that begins by you having a true desire for wealth building success from this day forward–and throughout your lifetime!


Even though the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com has been fighting through the COVID-19 virus over the past few weeks and has been less active in all areas–and enthusiasm or fire for life has been taken down several notches–this discussion is designed not only for you to achieve optimally but also to help the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com gain back the “enthusiasm” and momentum that was recently taken away, and also to get you and others on a more determined and definite path toward lasting success as you build wealth.


By taking to heart the following “3 points” and determining where you can make improvements in your life you can move toward achieving your wealth building goals in a manner that makes more sense, makes your journey less intense and formulating and achieving what you truly desire will be made more relevant.


1) Your enthusiasm begins inside of you

It is important that you have a certain level of ambition or true desire to reach your wealth building goals.


Your goal is to set yourself apart from the crowd and pursue your wealth building goals with a high level of discipline, commitment and purpose (DCP–yeah you know me) as by doing so you put yourself in a better position for lasting success that allows you to live at a level that is your absolute best.


Your action on a daily basis in a disciplined manner, your commitment to action on a daily basis and knowing why you are doing what you are doing lies at the heart of your wealth building success–if you are now determined to give it your absolute best.


2) Your enthusiasm must be directed toward a specific goal(s)

As you build wealth it is important that you set meaningful goals that you have every intention on achieving.


By doing so you energize your mind and heart to operate at a higher level on a daily basis so that you can WIN the majority of your races!


By having a high level of enthusiasm toward paying off your debt, managing your credit optimally and looking at  and addressing your finances in a comprehensive manner,  you put yourself in position to attain successand build wealth in the COVID-19 ERA or any ERA.


By setting meaningful goals and pursuing them at your highest level–you position yourself to excel and not fall downward into a never ending well.


By reaching higher, you put yourself on a more positive path toward achieving the goals that “you” require and you exponentially increase the odds of achieving what you desire and avoid finding yourself in a financial quagmire that makes your outlook for success–dire!


3) Your enthusiasm must never die out

You must pursue the success that you desire with enthusiasm and vigor.  You must see beyond the right now to see what is truly possible if you do what you need to do!


And just as the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com will move forward in 2022 with more enthusiasm and focus in spite of starting 2022 in the worst way possible since being on planet earth due to COVID-19 that slowed down progress and delayed meaningful goals that were set for well over a month–so too must you not let adversity, distractions, emergencies, worry, anxiety, fear, frustration, excuses and not putting forth the required effort hold you back in not only 2022–but the remainder of your existence while here on planet earth.


Your mindset must be to “expect success” and “pursue that success” at a level that is your absolute best and permanently put the notion of failure to rest!


You must always realize that you have the power within to operate at a higher level and control the direction and outcomes of your future if you are willing to put in the effort and develop a never quit type of attitude that will never die out.



Your enthusiasm or “fire on the inside” that you have can be used effectively as you build wealth if you have the right approach.  It is imperative that you pursue your wealth building goals in a disciplined, committed and purposeful manner (remember DCP) if you are one who desire to achieve at your highest level of excellence.


Improving your cash flow position, managing your credit effectively and managing all areas of your finances effectively throughout your life can be made easier and more rewarding if you put both your heart and mind into the effort and you “sincerely desire” to achieve the goals that you are pursuing–regardless of what they may be.


Always realize that it is easier to change your financial behavior than it is to change your attitude–however, if you are disciplined, truly committed and you know your purpose for life–you can do both and permanently change the trajectory of your future in the strongest way possible.


You and your family deserve nothing less!


All the best to enthusiastically pursuing your wealth building success in a manner that will allow you to live your life at a level that is your absolute best…


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